Judaean Desert and the Dead Sea

Biblical Landscapes, History and Adventure

The Judaean Desert lies to the east of Jerusalem, in stark contrast to the green forests to the west. Here you will find the same landscapes viewed by Abraham, the majestic projects built by Herod (such as the World Heritage Site of Masada), ancient monasteries still active hanging from cliffs and of course the world's lowest point on land, the one-of-a-kind Dead Sea.

Tours of this area may be focused on history, nature or both, and can range from 1 to 3 days, and can easily be combined with a tour of Jerusalem. The hikes range from easy family hikes with water, to what is considered Israel's most challenging hike - and one of my personal favorites - Nahal Dargot, or the 'Daraje'.

Distance: Around 10km (6 miles) per day.

Difficulty: from easy family hikes to extreme hikes with rappelling.

Sights: the green Nahal Prat, St. George Monastery, St. Hariton Monastery (the first monk), Metzoke Dragot or Dragot Cliffs overlooking the Dead Sea's out-of-this-world views, Masada Fort and much more.