Makhtesh Ramon

Geological Park

Makhtesh Ramon, measuring 40km (25 miles) in length and 10km (6 miles) at its widest, is Israel's largest Makhtesh, or erosion crater. Unlike a meteor crater, a makhtesh is carved out by the flow of water. It may be hard to believe, but there was a sea here once!

Makhtesh Ramon is unique for the incredible and diverse geological formations it presents right before our eyes. Imagine 400m of depth, equivalent to millions of years, presenting different layers, colors and even fossils. No nature enthusiast should visit Israel without experiencing this gem!

A typical tour of Makhtesh Ramon consists of 1 to 3 days. Accomodations are available either outdoors (tents), or at the beautiful nearby town of Mitzpe Ramon.

Distance: Around 10km (6 miles) per day.

Sights: Nekarot 'Hoof' - a breathtaking, pristine and white mini-canyon; Ein Saharonim - a fountain and Nabatean caravanserai; Prism Canyon with its geometric volcanic rocks; Nahal Ardon with its beautiful geological stratas; fossils at the Ammonite Wall; and so many other sites, landscapes and outlooks.