Desert stars

Astronomy Tours

To fully enjoy the splendor of the night sky, you should head out to the outdoors, where there is as little light pollution as possible. The Negev Desert is a perfect location, and Makhtesh Ramon in particular is considered the best stargazing location in Israel. This is thanks to the lack of light, dry air, high altitude and clear skies. This area is in the process of receiving a UNESCO Dark Sky Reserve status.

On an astronomy tour, I will take you to a great stargazing location where I will light a fire, set up telescopes and tell you about the history of human fascination with the stars - from mythology to science and my own personal stories. We start by looking at constellations with our naked eyes, and then continue to the telescope, where we can see 'nearby' objects such as the planets and even deep space objects such as star clusters and galaxies!

Stargazing in the desert is one experience that I believe anyone visiting Israel cannot miss. But of course I'd say that - this is my own personal hobby and one of my favorite things to do!

Activities and prices differ depending on the , number and type of telescopes and set-up. Contact me for more info.​