The Zin Wadi - or dry riverbed - is one of Israel's largest rivers. Mentioned as the Holy Land's southern border in the bible, its name is actually derived from the cnaanite moon god Sin, maybe due to its pale glow in full moon nights. Nahal Zin offers some of the most striking views in the Negev, with hidden pools and springs that attract different wildlife from vultures to hyenas, onagers, ibixes and gazelles.

A typical tour of Nahal Zin consists of 1 to 2 days, with a possible night outdoors.

Another wonderful option for full moon nights is an easy, 3-hour hike of Nahal Havarim - a tributary of Nahal Zin - with its glowing marlstone walls.

Distance: Around 10km (6 miles) per day.

Sights: Ein Akev and Ein Zik springs, Har Zaror and Hod Akev lookouts, Ben Gurion's tomb and the lush and green Ein Avdat National Park.


Zin Valley

Desert Outdoors and Hidden Pools